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Hey, don’t forget to check-out my Picasa album with pictures. I will add photos regularly, just check top or bottom of the album for unseen pictures. There is a new page called Catchy Quotes. Just click on the link or on the menu link below the stripes (header logo). I will upload this page regularly, too.

Now I need to sleep, tomorrow we will go to Las Vegas!

Third bike tour & Emily Wells in Concert

September 24th, 2009 by prometoys (3) Excursions,Journey

Will they listen? I don't trust them

I took today my bike and tried to explore the Limekiln Canyon again. This time I found the entrance easily, but my cute small bike isn’t made for such grade. And it was hot, too. After I passed Chatsworth St I took the right side of the canyon, but just beyond Freeway 118 there was a dead end. There was only a path scarp up to Rinaldi St. I took a deep breath and a drink of water and climbed the hillside up. Up there was a big ugly church. I took some pictures. But it was so hot, that I decided to go back home. I rode up to Corbin Ave and from there it was only downhill. But the trees was so small, that there branches hit me n my head. I must duck to could use the sidewalk. Near Lassen I nearly fell down, because of the bad condition of the sidewalk.

Bike before fence

After chilling in the pool and a sunbath my cousin Omid came to pick me up. I could convince him to come to a concert by Emily Wells in Glendale. Actually, it was the forth Broken Wave Music Social Scene. i hadn’t idea what this was and even wasn’t sure, if it will be a concert or a party…

Broken Wave Music is a recording studio. It seems they organize every month a gathering for socializing and networking for musicians and creatives. The entrance was free and the drinks, too. We was friendly welcomed and asked to fill out a list, where they collected names, email and occupation (I wrote Tourist). I asked him, if Emily will do a show. He said yes and that a lot of people asked this. It seems a lot of fans of her was there. The party was right in their normal business rooms. So there was a big studio where the presented a documentary about another label. Outside in the lot The Pirate Charles had there funny show. In another studio where turntables and the DJanes played some smooth songs. They had drinks and beer and even a Black Jack table, but nobody liked to play.

On the one hand I felt a bit in a wrong place between this networking-doin’ professionals (But I had nice talk with Omid). On the other hand I couldn’t await until the concert get started. The concert itself was in a big studio. I felt in love to her music, since Bea tweeted a link to a video of Emily Wells, once (see below). I was so addicted by her music, that I bought her album as MP3 online after a few days (I can’t find it somewhere else and wasn’t able to took her MySpace-Profile with me).

Emily Wells behind a table with keyboard etc. playing her ukulele

The room was filled with people, some must wait outside. She started the concert with Symphony 1 In the Barrel of a Gun and the people got warm. She played with her band, a drummer and a bassist. It was a really cool concert. I love her voice and how the play and loop the sound. Oh, yeah. She plays a violin and sings. But she has synthesizers, ukulele, xylophone, toy instruments and a loop machine, too. She combines her sounds and fragments with the loop machine into a great songs. I don’t like to write about her music. Please just watch the youtube video below.

After the concert I talked with her and bought from each CD (there was three) one. She is very nice. Of course, I invited her to Germany for concerts. Maybe she will come one day. For me this concert and chance was unbelievable. I checked her website every few days, to see if there is a show. She had one just one day before I arrived. And tomorrow another in San Diego. But I know this was to far away. And now I just was there and saw her live… Yippie.

Weekend pleasure in California

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Dusty landscape, mountains with National Forrest in the background

This weekend was amazing. It started on Saturday with a party at Amu Irajs and Manijehs house. We was there for lunch. Of course, there was tons of delicious Persian food. Amu Iraj made a lot of jokes and we a laugh till our we got hurt. I met my cousin Human (first time) and his cute daughter Daniela, but she was a bit shy. You can imagine how much fun we had from the pictures, especially when I tried to use the self-timer from Sepidehs camera. They were really patient. I reset the whole home decoration to have a good place for the camera. At least we have a picture of everybody.

Ame Mahin, Kevin, Sepideh, Roya, Amu Iraj, Keywan, Manijeh and Bijan together for a family picture

Unfortunately we must left early, because Kevin and Sepi was invited to a party than evening. And everyone else, too(Human to another, Roya and Bijan to yet another one). In the evening I met Connor and Kyle, Kevins kids. We played Rockband 2 and I figured out, that the bass guitar on this game is much easier then then Guitar Hero. Ok, the guys was so nice to turn No-fail-mode on and I played the easiest level… After an episode of Family Guy we turned the Playstation off and played a real card game. I think the name was Apples and Apples, I must look back in Germany, if we have this game too, because it was really funny.

Next day we drove to Frazier Park which was 60 Miles north of Los Angeles in the Los Padres National Forrest. Friends of Kevin had a Ranch there with a donkey, chickens and an ostrich. Just checkout the newest photos in Picasa.
It was a real nice place. But they had also some motocross courses. We had a small motocross bike and a quad on the back. But the day didn’t start good. One of the kids there fell down while a jump and broke his leg. They brought him to his mum and later to the doctor.

Keywan and Sepideh in front of the beatiful landscape

We tried to overcome this incident with some good Persian food. We brought a lot of Kebab (or Kebob as I saw on a sign), rice, salad and vegetarian stews (Ghorme Sabzi and Gheyme). We talked a lot about languages and dialects. Dolores and Ingrid speaks German too, but they didn’t practice for a long time.

After lunch Sepi showed me the ranch. Micheal built nearly everything by his own. There was a donkey, an ostrich and chickens. They had lamas or so too, but one was eaten by a mountain lion and another died because of old age, Connor explained to me. He built different buildings including a jail (just for fun, not a real one). The area was a steppe, but they grew up plants and trees out there. There isn’t any water pipes out there, so they must sink for a well to get any water.

Kevin and Keywan, Keywan sitting on the Quad

Connor took me for a ride on the golf cart. You remember this white small cars which prevent golfers to walk on a golf course? Connor used this more in a motocross, lead-footed style. Anyway, we had fun and it was fine after the ride, too. Then Kevin showed the quad to me. It’s a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle (ATV) with four shift gears. I never had something like this under my butt. With a lot of patience Kevin explained to me everything. I first slowly drove in first or second gear, but after a while got comfortable and tried faster and small bumps etc. It was really funny. You think an ATV is easy because of the four wheels? First it has a lot of power (even though this was a small ATV) and you must be careful while you turn. If you don’t balance the vehicle it can fall over regardless of the four wheels. I hope I didn’t stress the engine too much.

At the evening we put the ATV and motocross bike back to pickup truck and drove back to home. There we just watched a bit on the video Kevin recorded and fell tired asleep to bed. Altogether an (for me) unusual but really great day with a lot of fun.

Keywan driving the quad in a dusty area.

Second bike tour

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Bumps and cross route, can on the ground, canyon on the left

You won’t believe it. I just found a biking area. Yesterday afternoon I took up my bicycle again and ride north. There is the Limekiln Canyon and on the map it looked interesting. But it was a bit hard to find it. Did you ever try to turn left with a bike on a street with 6 lanes full of SUVs and Pick-ups and no traffic light? I decide to rode to the next intersection with a bit more regulation (Are traffic lights socialism, because the government is regulating?). I knew the entrance to Canyon was in Tunney Ave, but I missed it and rode the Tampa Ave up to Chatsworth St where I thought I find the way to the canyon. Two teens tried to warn me (I guess), but I couldn’t understand what they said (because of the noise). It was a small path and nice (see pic above), but it became smaller and smaller. Just a feet left was the canyon, only two or three meters deep, but anyway a little uncomfortable… Just before the Freeway 118 (it was above me) I decide to change the side of the canyon. The hillside wasn’t such sharp and the LA river in the canyon was nearly total dry. I picked up the bike and climbed the hillside down and crossed the stream by jumping over the big stones in it. Without wet feet I reached the other side. And here was the comfortable, but car free Limekiln Canyon Rd. I rode this back, crossed Chatsworth St again and was back in Tunney Ave. It was a bit late and Roya wanted to pick me up for Dinner. So I decided to explore Limekiln Canyon next time.

Just a few sentence to the dinner. It was at Los Toros, a huge Mexican restaurant. The restaurant was full, so we must wait until a table became free. The gave us a number which was more a device with a flashing green light. When it was our turn, the device starts blinking and vibrating… We followed the waitress, but lost her in the big building for a moment. I guess (without exaggerating) we passed four or five salons until we found our table. The food was really nice. As starters we had plain nachos with a really tasty bean dip. I ate more from then as my real meal. When the brought the plates with the food, they put a small stand before the table and put the huge tablet on it. Then they started to serve the food. The burrito was fantastic. The menu said, the recipe was created by a Chatsworth native while waiting at the border. Now imagine how much time they waste at this ridiculous fences… Oh, and of course they asked me for ID because I ordered a Margarita .

Bike standing next to a fence

Bike tour in the city of cars

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Bicycle and backpack at a fence

Yesterday I did a small bike tour. I rode through Jumilla Ave to Plummer St until De Soto Ave. Plummer St is interrupted there by the LA River (you might remember it from Terminator 2) and the railroad, so I headed De Soto Ave south to Nordhoff St and rode on this one west again until Chatsworth reservoir. On Google Maps this looks like a huge sea, but it’s just a huge dry area. Wikipedia says: “A distinctive feature in the Chatsworth Area is the mostly empty Chatsworth Reservoir. The property belongs to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power”. There was a fence around the area, so I even couldn’t enter it. From there I rode the Topanga Canyon Blvd north until the other part of the Plummer St. I rode there through some “smaller” streets until I found Lassen St, which I rembered from our breakfast at Delis. I ride the Lassen St back to east until Corbin Ave and from there it was just stone’s throw back to Superior St. You can check my route out at Google Maps.

Of course, LA isn’t the best place to ride a bike. On Plummer St. there is at least a bike lane, but only until Winnetka Ave. There is a sign asking the car drivers “Share the road”. I wasn’t in the mood to try out if they listen to the sign. From this point I rode my tiny, cute bicycle on the sidewalk, which is in a bad condition. The branches of the trees hang down, so I must duck from time to time to continue my way. Sometimes panels of the sidewalk soar, so I must ride around it to prevent the tires from damage. On some intersections the sidewalk wasn’t lowered and they are much higher here then in Europe (maybe up to 18cm high). But if I wasn’t on one of the main streets, there wasn’t much traffic and I had the street for me (on most of the smaller streets there isn’t a sidewalk).

Railroad crossing

It was the first time since ages I had a sunburn again. I put sunscreen on, but at the Chatsworth reservoir it was so hot I washed my face with water. Tada, no sunscreen on my face anymore. By chance I wasn’t heading west from this point anymore. Hot and water reminds me two other anecdotes: I was riding the bike only for 15 minutes and the water I took with me was really warm (maybe 20 degrees Celsius). And when I stopped at the reservoir and stand up from the saddle for two minutes to take pictures the saddle was very hot when I sat down again. The sun here is really … effective.

In California the cars are allowed turn right even when the traffic light is red. Of course, they must take care not to hit another car or person. But riding a bike here you must take much more care then at home. They didn’t expect pedestrians or cyclists. On one sidewalk there were three guys on my way. My bike doesn’t have a bell and I just said sorry and one of them saw me answered “Execuse me, bud”. I love this friendly language. I know it’s superficial, but it has it affects anyway. I prefer it instead a grumble.

After nearly one and a half hour I was back at home. And what is the best thing after a sweaty bike tour? Right, jumping in to the swimming pool.

Houses and the Chatsworth hills in the background

Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Santa Monica

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Bus in Santa Monica

Yesterday I was the most time with Manijeh, the wife of my Uncle Iraj. I begged Sepi and Manijeh as well to go from Chatsworth to Studio City (where my uncle lives) with the bus. Of course, both would be ready to bring me resp. to pick me up. But I wanted to test LA Metro and so Sepideh and Kevin took me to Ventura Blvd/Reseda Blvd where the bus stop is. First I wait at the wrong one for the metro local buses, but when the metro rapid No. 750 arrived I saw it and ran to the correct one. The bus had air condition and wasn’t full or even late. It was a bit less comfortable then in Germany, but still OK. The bus didn’t have a stop button (if you want exit next station), but a line (like a laundry line) at the window which you pull instead. The announcements was very silent and I couldn’t recognize a pattern why they mentioned some stations and others not. Also they haven’t any information about departure times or bus routes at the bus stops. But you can pick a plan inside the bus or visit On the other hand they have a bike rack in front of the bus, so you can take your bike with you on the bus every time. After a smooth ride on the Ventura Blvd I arrived at Laurel Canyon and from there I called Manijeh. I bought a Los Angeles Times and wait for her. Unbelievable how boring the LA Times is. I couldn’t find the articles between the ads. And also I missed a structure like I know from newspapers in Europe.

Manijeh and Keywan at the terrase, LA behind

Manijeh found me easily and we drove to their house up in the hills. We was sitting outside. On the chairs still was some ashes from the Los Angeles wildfire. A hummingbird surrounded us and tried to pick up fruits from the tree (there were lemon trees, too). She took me after a coffee to West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air. We drove through Sunset Blvd, Maple Drive and other famous places. The rich and their houses, you know. After this we drove via Brentwood to Pacific Palisades and (next to?) Malibu. Please check out the recent uploaded pictures in Picasa. We had lunch at Gladstones which was nice. We had our table on the balcony overlooking the ocean. When we left the restaurant a homeless asked me, if I would sell my leftovers to him for a dollar. I just gave it to him.

Sunset Blvd or similar in Beverly Hills surrounded by palm trees.

After Gladstones we head south to Santa Monica. We parked the car and walked down the 3rd street promenade. This was the first pedestrian area I saw. It was Wednesday, so there was Farmers Market at Arizona Ave/2nd Street. Manijeh bought grapes and wanted to buy eggplants, but the seller said he isn’t allowed to sell after half past one. From Arizona Ave it was only a hop to the Santa Monica beach. We walked aside the beach up to Santa Monica Pier. Maybe you know this pier from some movies. Their is a Ferris feel, the Pacific Park and much more just on this small pier. The view is beautiful and the wind is fresh.

Pier 1 in Santa Monica

Keywan sitting on an old tree.

We just was walking more then a hour, so we went back to the car and drove home. This was the first time I had the pleasure to meet LA traffic (jam), but after a while we was back save in Home, Sweet Home Studio City. I watched a bit TV until my uncle came back from work. Again another first time see. I saw Manijeh this day first time in my life and think I saw uncle Iraj over 20 years ago in Germany. I can’t remember him, but his gift. It was a police car (or KITT, who knows) with flashing lights. I went to the bathroom (without windows) and turned the lights of to could enjoy the lights. I also remember I broke this amazing gift in just one day…

I took a picture of him, too. But the cam is so poorly, you must wait until I got the pictures from Amu Irajs camera.

Traffic Jam on the freeway

Venice Beach, Hollywood and Disneyland

September 15th, 2009 by prometoys (3) Excursions

Lifeguard house at Venice Beach

Saturday was family day. I everybody came around and I met my cousins Roya, Arezoo and Omid again. I saw Roya and Arezoo 10 years ago, when they visited us in Germany. But I didn’t saw Omid since he leaved Germany in 1988. Later Sepi, Kevin and myself go out for Lunch in Sushi-Restaurant in a mall. Everzthing is here so huge. From the meals over the malls up to the cars. I brought a power adapter for UK instead US, so we went to Fry’s to buy one. Unfortunately it doesn’t hold my chargers tight enough so I will get another one. In the evening we chill a bit around the pool.

Because a lot of guys asked me: They delivered my lost suitcase to our house on Friday night. And I didn’t recognize anything which might be a Jet-lag.

On Sunday morning we met all together at Country Deli for breakfast. Deli is short for delicatessen and they might have some, but as far as I saw it was a restaurant with a really good breakfast. We met there early, so we are there before the Church people. I had bagel, omelette, pancake, … But before we could start eating we needed take a lot of pictures of everybody (uploads later). Take care of your coffee cup. They refill it very fast. Oh, and they have advertisement in the menu. Like in a magazine. And choices. “I want a bagel.” “Toasted” “Which kind of bagel”…

4 People together for a family picture

After breakfast Kevin drove a little around Chatsworth and showed me some landmarks. Back at home Roya prepared Esfand dudkardan. She heated dried harmal capsulesit over a gas flame until they popped. She moved it three times over our heads. This is a ritual to spread health and good spirit. We all had a lot of fun.

Venice Beach

Later at afternoon we drive to Venice Beach. It’s a long beach at the Pacific, where a lot of small shops and traders are. They sell souvenirs, clothes, shoes, paintings, music or promote the medical usage of Marijuana. A lot of Hippies and other funny strangers. You can let them predict your future, buy sun glasses or got your daily dosis of Botox just in half a mile. I also see muscle beach, some kind of outdoor fitness center. They have some facilities for sports (like squash) and leisure, which everybody can use. Royas and Arezoos dogs had a lot fun, like us. We just walked two hours and then got back to our car.

Hollywood and Westwood

After a nice dinner with Sepi, Kevin, Arezoo and Marc at Stonefire Grill Omid picked me up for a trip to Hollywood and area. I saw the stars (quite disappointing) and there are still flowers and a couple of people around the one of Micheal. It was nice to driving around there and Bevery Hills, but we (Omid picked up his friend Sam, too) went to an Arab cafe in Westwood. The name was Habibi (Love you or My Dear) like every Arab Restaurant I know in Cologne. We ordered a Hookah and – because they didn’t serve drinks – a mint tea. Quite an halal outgo, but we had fun. I was at 12AM back at home, ’cause the next day we want to go to …


With my cousins in front of Mickey Mouse face on ground made with flowers.

Next to LA, in Anaheim is the original Disneyland. It’s the one Walt Disney himself planned and built. I had breakfast with Sepi, Kevin and Arezoo at Western Bagel and then we drove to the land of kids dreams. The first ride we did was Pirates of the Caribbean. In the seat in front of us was a family with a young girl, maybe three years old. From the beginning she was scared and uncomfortable. And then the ride start and everything was dark, scary voices, skeletons etc. The poor tripped-out totally. We all was sad about her and tried to cheer her up, but she was scared down to her bones.

Our next ride was Splash Mountain, a log flume. I sat in front of the log, Kevin and Sepi behind me. This was a funny, wet ride. My shirt was totally wet and my pants to. Kevin the lucky hidden his self behind me to stay dry. But it was a sunny day and after a short period my clothes was dry. We took a few other rides, like Jungle Cruise, Matterhorn (roller coaster) and Indiana Jones. Because it was Monday we didn’t must wait long time for the rides. We had burritos and enchiladas for lunch. The food was ok, but it was really expensive. After we did all the main attractions we tried Innoventions out. We was welcomed by Tom Orrow. It was like huge show room for ambient intelligence. Companies like Microsoft and Siemens presented their stuff. I know all these technology, but it was interesting how they presented it to a broad public. Disneyland is nothing special from their rides, in Phantasialand you got similar one, but this theme park has it on touch. Of course, the Disney branding, but also the concept of small town, Main Street, parade, railway and so on. I had fun and it was something like observing local culture. If you prefer crazy rides you should try another park, but for kids up to 14 it’s perfect.

Freeway, Downtown LA skyscrapers at the horizon

Tight seats and Charlotte sprint to LA

September 12th, 2009 by prometoys (6) The Flight

Photo of a lake from airplane

It’s 8AM and I am sitting in the home office of my cousin, which will be my room for the next few weeks. The house is in the north of LA County, Chatsworth.The sun is shining, its warm, but comfortable. Time to recap the flight.

Flight US705 No. #1

The first surprise was the really tight seats in the Airbus A330-300. US Airways tried to squeeze as much passengers as possible to the plane. For an 9 hours flight it was quite uncomfortable… The second surprise was the hot cabin. The captain announced they had problems with the gate air condition (“It doesn’t run efficient as it should”) and the plane was like S1 in rush hour. And he said, that Frankfurt Airport must shut down one runway, so there was a 45min delay. Ok, but I only have 1:25h in Charlotte to pass immigration, pick up my baggages, pass customs, re-check in luggage and pick up the flight to LA. He promised, that they don’t need so much time as planned for the flight. The first good news since I took my seat. To tell you this: The plane was right in schedule in Charlotte.

Nine hours is a long time. Of course, I was well prepared. I put tons of music and radio plays on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. On request by the crew I switched of the device due take-off. But you remember the 45 minute delay? So we was allowed to use our devices again. But my N810 won’t boot again. Or to be precisely: It boot until 100% and then reboot infinitely. So I couldn’t tweet about the mess or chat or do the other unimportant stuff. While I was frustrated the crew served cold water and opened all doors to let flow a bit of fresh air inside. But after we leaved the gate and the AC was running by the planes engine everything was fine.

There was a life before N810 and so there should be other stuff to pass time. Nhung borrowed me a nice book Life of Pi by Yann Martel and there was of course the entertainment system on each seat. But here is the next obstacle. The use double mono TRS-Jack instead one stereo TRS-Jack for the headphones. Why using standards if you can sell people cheap headphones for five bucks? I used my mobile headphones and the one of the N810 to enjoy X-Men Origins: Wolverine in stereo (as far as you can enjoy such cheesy movie).

Next to me sat a mechanical engineer, who is working for German company in US. He was going to North Carolina to train workers with their machines. His boss was in the same plane, but in business class.

Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT)

As I mentioned before we arrived in Charlotte on time. I was a bit late in the row. But with chance and help of few people I could push a bit forward in line. The immigration officer was really nice and friendly. She welcomed me with “Hello, how are you?”. I know, this means nothing, its just courtesy, but it suggest a total different atmosphere then the barking of other border authorities I remember. She just ask me few standard question (Where, Why, How long…). The only special question was, when I was in Iran last time. Fingerprints, photos, that’s all. No luggage checking, mass storage introspection or technical device seizing. To all my paranoid nerd-friends: Crypto disc up ya ass… :)

I passed immigration at 4:05PM. Check-in for my connection was until 4:10PM. I grabbed my Backpack from the baggage claim, but where was the suitcase borrowed by my mother. Do you now how many people travel with similar looking black suitcases? OK, sure. I will miss the flight, but why going crazy now? If I miss the connection I will have enough time for panic. And normally they put you in the next plane for free. So, I didn’t worry about departure times much and tried to recognize the suitcase. My great mum add colored cords to the suitcase and explained me that. After ages I saw the cords, grabbed the suitcase and go fast to the customs. Behind me was a girl, who asked me if I want the plane to LA, too. We gave the customs form to the officer in a manner of relay race and run to the re-checkin. The guy was really nice and told us to run to Gate B14. The connection was delayed, but just for few minutes. We run as fast as we could to B14 and caught the plane just in time.

Flight US705 No. #2

The Airbus 320 to Los Angeles International was much more comfortable then sardine can before. From Charlotte the planes leaved in small intervals, it was like the Berlin airlift. The flight wasn’t special I looked at the huge landscape during the flight and tried to sleep. Just for fun I turned on my GPS receiver (eTrex). The plane was moving with 870km/h with 11km altitude. They didn’t served any vegetarian sandwich, so I kept my bucks. The only interesting thing was the stewardess, who squashed the soda cans with hand.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

In Los Angeles everything was easy, because it was a domestic flight. Everything would be fine, if the hadn’t forget to transport my suitcase to LA. Fingers crossed they will deliver it to Sepidehs house today, as promised. Sepideh and Kevin picked me up. While Kevin was waiting in the car, she helped me to complain about the missing luggage. At least I have my backpack with my clothes. The family must wait for their gifts. Sepideh suspected the airport employees took the suitcase because of the tons of German chocolate inside…

San Fernando Valley

It was really nice and cool to meet Sepideh again. And it was a pleasure to meet Kevin first time, of course. They took me to an nice vegetarian Asian restaurant, Garden Wok (6117 Reseda Blvd, Tarzana). The food was really delicious. They “pork”, “chicken” etc. but all made with Soy wheat and other stuff. My recommendation: vegan cream cheese wong tongs and chicken sweet sour.

And finally (at 9.30PM or so) we arrived at their home. From the outside it’s yellow with nice garden and a stars spangled banner, but inside there are Persian carpets, a cute mix. There I met Ame Mahin (Aunt Mahin) again. She was really happy and it was nice to met her after so long time again. I am looking forward to meet the other guys today.

Thanks for your time. I will upload and add some photos later.

The journey starts

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View from the train to the landscape.

I’m on my way. I still haven’t realized that I am really on my way to California…

I couldn’t sleep much last night. I woke up every few hours and checked the clock. My great mum and sister escorted me to Bahnhof Deutz. I took a shiny ICE 3 nonstop to Frankfurt Airport. I was surprised how many people was on the ride in this early hours (8AM). The sun looked like a flatwhite circle. In the first moment I thought it was the moon.

A lot of business folks. Some of them talked about strategies, but the funniest was a Lufthansa manager who logged in to their VPN and worked on a Word document. I could easily read most of the stuff, because his seat was one row before mine. A paradise for economy spies.

But the better view was the great landscape in between Cologne and Frankfurt. Of course, I didn’t see much, because the train was moving with 300km/h.

Frankfurt Airport

Did I mention I arrived 24 years ago in Frankfurt Airport? This was the first “Germany” I saw. I was five years old, coming with Iran Air, totally alone and didn’t understand any language but Farsi. Today I’m not sure if I realized what was going on. My grandma and a good friend of the family took me to the airport in Tehran. When I landed here nobody knew who I was and to whom I belonged. Women in nice dresses drove small cars and took me from A to B. I didn’t understand anything. Finally they took me to a huge door or I should rather say gate. The gate opened and a lot of people called my name and there I met my dad and stepmother. Twenty-four years ago…

Today everything was smooth. The difference between the “Main”-hub Frankfurt and other German airports I know is obvious. Here everything seems well organized. Some of the workers have funny small bicycles.

After a first questioning (Is this your luggage, who packed the bags, Do you have something that looks like a gun or that could be a threat, Why do you travel,… etc.) and an “approve” by the supervisor of the interviewer I could check in.

Now I’m sitting in Terminal 1C eating my sandwich. Hope to blog, when I will be in Charlotte/North Carolina.

The countdown is running

September 10th, 2009 by prometoys (2) Preparation

A mess of clothes etc. on the floor, backpacks and luggage around.

Ok. In 24 hours I will be somewhere over the Atlantic. I packed my stuff. I thought I’m well prepared this time. I collected everything I need, but I still forget some little stuff (headphones, extra-battery, Bluetooth-keyboard, login for this blog). Anyway, I have my pass, I have the train ticket and a lot of chocolate (as presents). What do I need more. I will try to blog from Charlotte, but maybe I don’t have much time. I hope you will see the first pictures of amazing California in less then 48 hours.